Agricultural Commodities Trading Database

The FleetMon Agricultural Commodities Trading Database provides detailed shipments records of international agricultural goods in bulk by ships.

Every record provides details about the goods transported, their origin and quantity. Goods covered include cereals, fibers, liquids and soft foods from over 100 countries and regions all around the globe.

Looking for all shipments of wheat from Argentina in the last months? Our powerful filters give you the results in seconds! Compare the information reported for current positions and ETAs of any vessel in the database. Detailed ship particulars are just a click away. The ship's voyage log and port call history complement the freight details to provide you with a comprehensive picture of actual trading patterns.

FleetMon Agricultural Commodities Trading Database

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Full Database Commodity shipments to or from port Pozzuoli

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Vessel Freight Load Discharge
Izmit, TR (7 minutes ago)
Dest: TRDRC; ETA: 1 day ago
Grains from Romania:
0●●●t Corn/Maize
Reported Sailed on 2017-●●-●●
from  Constantza
after arrival on 2017-●●-●●
Black Sea, UA (6 minutes ago)
Dest: MONFALCONE; ETA: in 5 days
Grains from Ukraine:
5●●●t Corn/Maize
Reported Sailed on 2016-●●-●●
from  Odessa
after arrival on 2016-●●-●●+3d
Adriatic Sea, IT (8 minutes ago)
Dest: ITPMA; ETA: 1 day ago
Grains from Spain:
6●●●t Soyabean Meal
Reported Sailed on 2014-●●-●●
from  Barcelona
after arrival on 2014-●●-●●+3d
Aegean Sea, TR (5 minutes ago)
Dest: K EREGLI; ETA: 2 days ago
Grains from Ukraine:
4●●●t Wheat
Reported Sailed on 2012-●●-●●
from  Mariupol
after arrival on 2012-●●-●●+2d
Antwerpen, BE (1 hour ago)
Dest: ANTWERPEN; ETA: 7 hours ago
Grains from Russia:
9●●●t Corn/Maize
Reported Sailed on 2012-●●-●●
from  Yeisk
after arrival on 2012-●●-●●+4d
Last update: Nov. 16, 2017, 2:20 p.m..
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(Random numbers for illustrational purposes. Request a trial to get access to real data.)
16962 kt

(Random numbers for illustrational purposes. Request a trial to get access to real data.)
16962 kt

(Random numbers for illustrational purposes. Request a trial to get access to real data.)
16962 kt

(Random numbers for illustrational purposes. Request a trial to get access to real data.)
16962 kt

(Random numbers for illustrational purposes. Request a trial to get access to real data.)
16962 kt



Access to the FleetMon Agricultural Commodities Trading Database is available to all FleetMon users on the basis of a service subscription. Note that this service is NOT included in the regular Unlimited plans, but requires a separate agreement.

Data availability can be assessed freely with the present tools (all records are shown but some fields made unreadable). Data is updated weekly.

Countries and Regions

Canada, Turkmenistan, Hongkong, Lithuania, Ethiopia, Gergia, Argentina, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Azores, United Arab Emerates, Slovenia, Guatemala, Guinea, Germany, Spain, Liberia, Maldives, Jamaica, Oman, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Gabon, New Zealand, Yemen, Libanon, Pakistan, Albania, Macau, United Arab Emirates, India, Azerbaijan, Faroes, Cyprus, Turkey, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Solomon Islands, Lebanon, France, Slovakia, Somalia, Peru, Norway, Malawi, Benin, Korea South, Conoros, Cuba, Togo, China, Armenia, West Indies, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Bahrain, Finland, Libya, Indonesia, Mali, Mauritius, Sweden, Vietnam, Kenya, Russia, …., Bulgaria, United States, Romania, Angola, Germa , Portugal, South Africa, Nicaragua, Qatar, Malaysia, Senegal, Mozambique, Uganda, Canary Islands, Hungary, Congo Dr, Brazil, Kuwait, Panama, St Helena Island, Costa Rica, Cape Verde, Bahamas, Gibraltar, Ireland, Syria, Nigeria, Ecuador, Europe, Australia, Iran, Algeria, El Salvador, On Road, Chile, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Thailand, Haiti, Belize, Hong Kong, Sierra Leone, Georgia, Gambia, Poland, Guinea Bissau, Moldova, Morocco, Croatia, Switzerland, Cape Verde Islands, Iraq, Estonia, Uruguay, Equatorial Guinea, Africa, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Djibouti, Colombia, Reunion, Taiwan, Fiji, Madagascar, Italy, Sudan, Malta, Netherlands, Suriname, Venezuela, Korea North, Israel, Lao, St Kitts and Nevis, Iceland, Austria, Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Mauritania, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Japan, Belarus, Guadeloupe, Honduras, Myanmar, Mexico, Egypt, Singapore, Serbia, Lagos, United Kingdom, Congo, Greece, Paraguay, Namibia


Acid, Alcohol - Wines, Alfalfa / Luzerne Pellets, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate, Amygold, Bakery Improver, Banana, Barley, Barley Bran, Barley Feed, Barley Malting, Beans, Beans Faba, Bone Meal, Bran, Bran Pellets, Butter Oil, Can (Calcium Ammonium Nitrat), Canaryseed, Canola/Rapeseed, Canola/Rapeseed Cake, Canola/Rapeseed Flax, Canola/Rapeseed Meal, Chicken, Chickpeas - Dried And Shelled, Chickpeas - Fresh Or Chilled, Citrus, Citrus Pulp Pellets, Cno, Condensed Molasses Solubles, Copra, Copra Expellers, Copra Meal, Corn, Corn/Maize, Corn/Maize Bran, Corn/Maize Flour, Corn/Maize Germs, Corn/Maize Gluten, Corn/Maize Gluten Feed Pellets, Corn/Maize Meal, Corn/Maize Waxy, Cotton, Cotton Seed, Cotton Seed Meal, Dap (Diammonium Phosphate), Ddgs, F. Acids, Feed Concentrate/Premix, Fish Flour, Fish Frozen, Fish Meal, Fish Oil, Flaxseed / Linseed, Fruit Fresh, Groundnut Expellers/Meal, Groundnut Oil, Juice, Lentils, Linseed Expellers/Meal, Lupins, Malt, Map (Monoammonium Phosphate), Meat, Meat Chicken Frozen, Millet Seed, Molasses Cane, Mop (Muriate Of Potash), Np, Npk, Nuts, Nuts Cashew, Oats, Oats Bran, Oats Milling, Other - Liquids, Other - Soft Foods, Other Acid Oils/Fats, Other Chemicals, Other Grains, Other Meal/Pellets, Other Molasses, Other Oilseeds , Other Pulses, Other Vegoils, Palm, Palm - CPKO, Palm - Cpo, Palm - Oc, Palm - Ppko, Palm - Ppo1, Palm - Ppo2, Palm - Rbdol, Palm - Rbdpo, Palm - Rbdst, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Palmkernel Expellers/Meal, Peas, Phosphates, Potassium Chloride, Potatoes Seed, Refined Canola/Rapeseed Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Rice, Rice Bran, Rice Broken, Rice Brown, Rice Fragrant, Rice Parboiled, Rice White, Rye, Salt, Sawn Wood, Sesameseed, Sf, Sorgho/Sorghum, Soya Acid Oil, Soya Hull Pellets, Soya Protein Concentrate, Soyabean Meal, Soyabean Pellets, Soyabeans, Ssp (Single Super-Phosphate), Sugar, Sugar Beet Pulp, Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets, Sugar Raw, Sugar White, Sun Acid Oil, Sunflower Expellers, Sunflower Seed Pellets, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Seeds Cake, Sunflower Seeds Meal, Sunflower Seeds Oil, Tapioca, Tapioca Chips, Tapioca Residue Pellets, Tobacco Cigarettes, Triticale, Tsp (Triple Super Phosphate), Urea, Vegoil, Vegoil Canola/Rapeseed, Vegoil Castor, Vegoil Maize, Vegoil Olive, Vegoil Palm, Vegoil Soya, Vegoil Sunflower, Wheat, Wheat Bran, Wheat Durum, Wheat Feed, Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten, Wheat Meat, Gluten, Wheat Hard, Wheat Milling, Wheat Soft, Wood Chips, Wood Pellets, Wood Pulp Fibers, Wood/Timber, Yeast

Note: is striving for best results in the sourcing and presentation of the above agricultural commodities trading data, but it does not make any representation of the continued availability, accuracy, correctness, completeness and quality of the latter, or their fitness for any particular purpose, whether express or implied. Referenced countries and commodities in the above list does not imply completeness of coverage.

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