BOURBON RHODE rescue operation suspended – why?!

Oct 5 1230 UTC UPDATE: I’ve been informed on BOURBON RHODE SAR suspension effective morning Oct 5, in the morning, but found information doubtful, and decided to wait for confirmation or hopefully, denunciation. But no denunciation came, on the contrary, suspension was confirmed. CROSS or MRCC of Martinique suspended active full-scale SAR, under a very weak pretext of “survival time of man in water, even in immersion suit, being over”. Can we assume, beyond reasonable doubt, that all 7 missing crew went into water, suits or no suits, and no one made it to life raft? No, we can’t. We can’t be sure of it, we don’t know. There’s a chance, a probability, not confirmed or disproved, that 7 missing crew managed to go into life raft. If that’s the case, they still have a very good chance of survival, they still can be alive, waiting for rescue. Life raft isn’t immersion suit, survivors can last in it for weeks, providing they maintain order and strict rationing of water and food.
Frankly, I can’t recall SAR being called off in just 8 days after the disaster, with people still missing, while there’s even a small chance, that they may be in a life raft. Especially considering the fact, that disaster took place in the middle in the ocean, not in some comparatively small, restricted area, like say, Baltic or Caribbean sea. The decision to suspend SAR is absolutely unjustified and unreasonable. SAR is switched to so-called “passive” mode, advising all ships passing the area to be on lookout – i.e. SAR is as good, as called off. Martinique is an overseas territory of France, it’s a France, for that matter. BOURBON is a French company. What happened? Did France change SAR guidelines and dumped good practice? France closes down SAR in record short time, while there are hope and chance of people still being alive, why?
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