Ship seized by migrants in Libya Update Nov 20

Nov 20: Ro-ro NIVIN and her victimized crew were thankfully, freed from migrants, who seized the ship and the crew demanding to be sent to Europe, holding them for some 10 days. Libyan forces stormed the ship and disembarked all migrants who were on board, some 80 of them. Of course all major media burst with indignation, weeping over poor migrants’ fate, doomed to be brought to that awful Libyan migration center. Libyan authorities did just what they had to do, they fulfilling their duty – they freed the ship and the crew from violent mob of intruders. They restored an order. Civil merchant ship and civil merchant mariners have nothing to do with migrants and their problems. They rescued those migrants, but when migrants found out, that the ship was bound for Libya, not Europe, migrants rioted and took several crew as hostages, demanding the ship to sail to Europe.
The above description of what really took place on board, originated not from some far-right something or somebody, but from crew and from Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nov 14 Update: In some sanguine updates, everything is fine, and the incident resembles Christmas story nearing happy end – migrants are located on cargo deck with no access to living and service quarters, there’s no aggression, and there’s enough food and water for all on board. Migrants don’t want to leave the ship because they’re afraid they’ll be taken to migrant centers in Libya, infamously harsh on migrants.
According to other reports, situation isn’t all that bright. Migrants turned aggressive soon after they found out, that the ship which picked them up from boat, was under way to Misurata, back to Libya. They’re mostly of Ethiopian, Sudanese, Eritrean and Pakistani origin, they paid for their passage and naturally, went angry or infuriated, when all of sudden, it became clear that their exodus to haven is to fail, because they’ve been “rescued” by wrong ship. Those other reports said the crew are afraid and mostly, stay at cabins.
Migrants flatly rejected surrendering to Libyan authorities and no doubt, are waiting for friendly cavalry - UN migrants agency emissaries, NGOs do-gooders and major media, to launch “rescue” campaign and turn failure into success. That’s their only chance to avoid disembarking and all what will follow, including repatriation to their home countries, without any refunding, of course. The ship is their fortress, the crew is their bargaining asset.

Nov 13 Update: The ship with migrants confirmed to be ro-ro NIVIN, by Romanian authorities, which are trying to get two officers, Romanian citizen, from the ship, which is seized by migrants, together with her crew. Crew can’t leave the ship and should be considered as hostages, held by migrants.

Nov 12: Reuters reported 95 migrants rescued by cargo ship off Libya rejecting leaving the ship in Libya. Migrants were picked up by cargo ship on her way to Misurata Libya on Nov 8, on arrival they refused to leave the ship, and as of Nov 12 were still on board, after 3-day failed negotiations. They’ve been provided by authorities with food, water, blankets, etc. Not Reuters, nor EuroNews, reported anything about the ship and the ship’s crew – how do they feel and what’s their condition. Are they held as hostages, are they in danger? Are they free to move around and leave the ship? What about shipowner, does he have any chance, together with crew, to be compensated for all troubles and expenses?

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