Bulk carrier CHESHIRE thriller still on

Aug. 31, 2017 at 07:49 by Mikhail Voytenko in General

As of 0500 UTC Aug 31, CHESHIRE and SAR tugs were in vicinity 27 31N 015 58W, some 30 nm southwest of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.
Canary Islands Government established a special Committee, which is to deal with CHESHIRE salvage and situation in general, ensuring there won’t be any harm to islands’ residents and ecology. Spanish Maritime Authorities, including SAR, ignored Committee meeting or meetings, for reasons unknown. There’s apparently, some kind of tension between locals and State agencies, which are controlled by Spanish government.
On Aug 30 it was said, that a team of 3 technicians boarded, at last, bulk carrier, to assess situation, estimate damages, and so on. Let me remind, that the news on specialists boarding the vessel were regular during last 7 days at least, not once it was said (referring to official sources), unequivocally, that the team boarded the vessel. Did the specialists board the vessel this time, or not?
One interesting fact – there’s only one photo of CHESHIRE after chemical reaction ran out, there are no other photos since Aug 27. I’m just curious, why? There are no statements yet, published on official websites of both the owner, Bibby Line, and the salvage company, Resolve Marine Group.
So, I’m afraid, we’re again, or still, in the dark, not knowing, what’s going on in there, and what’s the vessel’s condition.
Mind you, I personally, hold nothing against Bibby Line and Resolve Marine Salvage, for all their secrecy and reservations. For them, it’s only natural – any other company would behave in situation like this, in exactly the same manner. Putting aside all that “responsible shipping” and “green shipping” crap (leave it for industry and major media), we must be clear on this point – when’s it’s about saving business and money, majority of the people drop all other concerns, it’s just the way of humans. Some other institutions, whose job is public safety, must check, control and correct those persons and companies, who, while trying to achieve their decidedly monetary aims, jeopardize other people.
That’s what surprises me most – the behavior of Spanish State institutions. What’s their motivation? Why didn’t they let the damn thing drift into the ocean, and grant access to Spanish waters only after it burns out, cold as a tombstone, and as safe? It could sink in the process? It’s Bibby’s problem, not people of the Canary Islands.
This is not the first accident with ammonium nitrate, and – guaranteed – not the last. We must know, how dangerous those sudden uncontrolled chemical reactions are, what are the risks of explosion, of toxic fumes and of water pollution, if chemicals go to the water. How risky it is for coastal population? It concerns not only Spain, it concerns other countries as well, because such accident can happen anywhere.
Instead, we have to listen to the same old tune, same old song: “Nothing to worry about, everything’s under control” – favorite song of all the officialdoms, past, present and future. Guys – I address officialdom (including media) – you’re living in the past, wake up to new reality. In pre-Internet (pre-historic, like) era “everything under control” song was ok, just because public didn’t have any other sources of information. It is not so any more. Stop taking us for idiots.
Voytenko Mikhail
August 31, 2017

Bulk carrier CHESHIRE thriller still on

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