Tanker RAMA 2 sinking and SAR Report UPDATE

Combined Maritime Force GOA published its’ report on RAMA 2 SAR https://combinedmaritimeforces.com/, so the names of engaged vessels can be revealed:
LNG tanker SOYO (IMO 9475208)
Product tanker MTM TORTOLA (IMO 9742065)
Bitumen tanker SEAPOWER (IMO 9546162)

Tanker RAMA 2 sinking and SAR Report
I’ve received a report on Mt RAMA 2 sinking and SAR, on condition I won’t reveal names of the vessels involved in search and rescue operation.
Several merchant ships were deployed in SAR, which was coordinated by the UK Coast Guard and UKMTO.
Timing GMT.

MT RAMA 2 issued distress message “Please help we are sinking” via VHF at 0136 June 26. One of passing merchant ships nearby (LNG tanker SOYO) responded to VHF call and headed for sinking tanker. More information from RAMA 2 was received later – tanker had on board 5551 tons of gas oil, starboard structural damage was the cause of the disaster. Oil already started to leak, sheen spread several cables from sinking tanker.
0257 – RAMA 2 reported decision to evacuate.
0324 UK CG and UKMTO were informed on disaster, one of merchant ships already on the scene was nominated as SAR coordinator.
0412 – RAMA 2 reported faulty free fall lifeboat, all crew were inside, unable to release lifeboat.
By the time one of the vessels approached tanker, she was partially sank, with 45 degrees starboard list. Attempt to pick up crew, using one of rescue vessel’s life raft, failed.
0546 – MT RAMA 2 sank in position 13 55N 055 53E, 135 nm northeast of easternmost tip of Socotra, 242 nm southeast from Salalah Oman.
0706 - UK Navy reported ETA to SAR site in 6 hours.
0720 – One of merchant ships (tanker SEAPOWER) with low freeboard spotted, and rescued, 1 crew.
0733 – One of merchant ships, tanker, reported rescuing 10 crew, weather started to deteriorate.
0756 – One of merchant ships, LNG tanker, spotted one dead body floating face down.
0810 – One tanker (tanker SEAPOWER), deployed in SAR, reported 2 rescued people, another one (tanker MTM TORTOLA )reported 10 rescued people, 12 in total.
0820 - Three initially deployed in SAR tankers, including LGN tanker, conducting search for 1 missing person, car carrier joined SAR, but was released from SAR by UK Navy.
0900-0950 – Japanese aircraft joined SAR, spotted person, reported position to merchant ships, one of tankers approached position given by aircraft, and found an empty immersion suit.
1000-1100 – empty life raft, barrels, drums and fenders, scattered around, were spotted by ships which were still engaged in SAR.
1132 – Passing container ship reported spotted survivor in a lifejacket, gave his position and added, that the survivor was in the midst of an oil sheen. Container ship informed others, that she is unable to rescue survivor due to heavy rolling.
1201 – Helicopter from UK Navy spotted survivor, but had to return to the ship, running out of fuel.
1303 – LNG tanker spotted and approached survivor, dropped MOB marker in position 13 57N 055 58E.
1325 – 1400 – After several failed attempts to rescue survivor conducted by tankers, he was rescued by UK Navy helicopter, also after several failed attempts, due to heavy sea and strong wind.

Voytenko Mikhail
June 30, 2017

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