MEHMET UNLU bloody drama: UPDATE and photos

UPDATE: According to different sources and official statements, two drunk crew started a fight with four other crew and wounded three of them. After that, they took five crew hostages, the rest of the crew locked themselves in one of the cabins or compartments. Master of the vessel managed to send distress message, requesting immediate help. Vessel was stormed by Ukrainian Special Forces team ALFA, which freed hostages and released barricaded people. Two mutineers or rough-necks, were arrested. Vessel is presently at anchor, until freed, she was held under control and prevented from running aground by tugs.

It is not clear yet what exactly happened, some sources say that maybe brawl and ensuing bloodshed were caused by some ethnic conflicts. Crew though mainly Turkish, included other nationalities. On photos crew after vessel was freed.

UPDATE: According to officials, vessel sent distress signal at 2325 LT Sep 4, crew were yelling, asking for help. Part of the crew, mainly Turkish nationality, locked themselves, and cut off power, vessel was out of control. Ukrainian Coast Guard and Special Forces team ALFA boarded the vessel. Bridge of the vessel was stained in blood, Master badly wounded, but still alive.

First news:
Big trouble, fight among crew reported to occur on board of Turkish freighter MEHMET UNLU at night Sep 4, when vessel left Nikolayev port, Ukraine, and was under way abeam of Yuzhniy port, Ukraine, bound for Aqaba, Jordan. There was a knife fight, Master is wounded, one crew reportedly killed, vessel lost control. Tugs were sent to take vessel under control, the crew, according to unconfirmed information, were taken off ship and detained. Investigation under way, vessel is still adrift.

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