Container ship CCNI ARAUCO fire: Sep 04 afternoon Update

Sep 04 1500 UTC Update:
Fire is extinguished, temperature in the hold is going down, there’s no smoke, emergency fire team and engine are standing by, however. Expectedly, starting Monday, all deployed agencies will start off loading the containers cleansing the hold, it’s a long way yet for the story to be over. Scale of damages of the vessel unknown, as well as the number of destroyed or damaged containers.

Sep 03 1530 UTC Update:
During the night some 45,000 liters of foam were pumped into the hold, there was no smoke coming from hold. In the afternoon hatch of the hold was opened with the use of heavy equipment, because hatch was deformed by high temperature. It can’t be said for sure that fire is completely extinguished, temperature is still high, hold is under constant watch. Containers said to be floating inside hold. Containers in the hold are loaded with furniture, plastics, paints, kitchen appliances and other types of goods, which are inflammable. Fire is said to be under control, but not yet extinguished.

Sep 03 0230 UTC Update:
Flooding the hold with burning containers by Elbe water was stopped on Sep evening, after hold was partially flooded, due to safety issues, structural strength being most probably, the major consideration. It was decided to fill the remaining space with foam. Fire fighting, according to media citing authorities, will go well into weekend.

Sep 02 1300 UTC Update: According to latest available information, fire fighting still goes on with fire alert being next to utmost. Hold with burning containers was sealed and filled with CO2 gas in the evening Sep 01, but after that, temperature began to rise again, making impossible the offloading of the containers from the hold. By noon Sep 02 temperature was still too high , fire was still on. It was decided to fill the hold with water up to 70 percent of hold’s volume, though there’s the risk, that hull may crack, due to thermal differential.

Sep 02 0230 UTC Update:
According to available information, fire fighting is still going on, part or all burning containers are in hold, which of course, complicates fire fighting. Tugs are cooling the hull by pouring water on it, temperature inside is so high, that specialist fear hull may crack. It was said, that there were no containers with dangerous goods, either on fire or near fire, but of course, it’s impossible to ascertain at present stage. Three crew understood to be injured, hopefully not seriously, during initial attempts to extinguish fire, all crew said to be evacuated.

Mega container ship CCNI ARAUCO, docked in Hamburg, Burchardkai, reportedly under major fire, after an explosion at around 1300 LT Sept 01, which took place aft, understood in container. Some 80 fire fighting teams said to be deployed.

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