Some 67 Europe-Bound Jet and Diesel Cargoes Tracked on the Water

The OPIS Tanker Tracker is tracking about 1.4 million metric tons of jet fuel cargoes sailing on 25 ships, which are scheduled to arrive in northwest Europe or ports in the Mediterranean between March 16 and April 16.

April 16 is the latest estimated arrival date in the OPIS Tanker Tracker list of jet cargoes as of March 17. In this case, the Vitol-controlled Front Cheetah loaded one 90,000-ton cargo at the West Indian Coast port of Sikka on March 17, based on information compiled from brokers, traders and vessel-tracking data.

The cargo will sail about 30 days to arrive in northwest Europe by mid-April.

On the diesel side, cargoes on the water and being tracked to Europe currently total 1.86 million tons (about 13.9 million bbl), on 42 vessels. (as of March 17).

All vessels will arrive between March 16 and April 18. So far 518,000 tons of the estimated or scheduled arrivals are from Russia, on 16 ships.

U.S. arrivals are up on the prior month, with 16 tankers now seen bringing over 619,000 tons, all scheduled to discharge at Europe ports between now and April 8.

Overall, inbound March volumes of ultra-low sulfur diesel to the 28 member states is estimated at nearly 3.9 million tons on 103 tankers. The vessels have either already discharged or are scheduled to do so this month. Vessels are seen calling at U.K ports, the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp trading hub and major ports in France including Le Havre. There are also calls to ports and countries in the Mediterranean this month, including Italy and Spain.

April volumes being tracked, mostly ships from India, and the Middle East Gulf countries, are now at just over 1 million tons. More ships will be identified, especially from the biggest importers of Russia and the U.S. as tankers are assigned against loads.

This month's arrivals are higher than the 3.24 million tons tracked arriving in February, on 82 vessels.

In 2015, the monthly average of imported ULSD to the 28 member states was about 3.7 million tons. That's based on data compiled from Eurostat, the European Union's statistics agency.

On the jet fuel side, March arrivals are estimated at 1.97 million tons on 32 tankers, with April so far at just over 1 million tons. That compares to February's tally of 1.75 million on 29 ships, and the Eurostat monthly average
of 1.82 million tons over 2015.

Europe imported 21.9 million tons of jet fuel and 44 million tons of ULSD in 2015, Eurostat data show.

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