Capesize NEW KATERINA grounding in Suez Canal: UPDATE 1540 UTC Mar 03

Bulk carrier STEVEN C already arrived to grounding site, to be deployed in lightering of NEW KATERINA. Maritime Administration of Suez Canal and salvors plan to offload from NEW KATERINA enough cargo to refloat her, and take to reportedly, Great Bitter Lake, where she’s to undergo temporary hull repairs.

Previous news:
Capesize NEW KATERINA grounding in Suez Canal: UPDATE 1740 UTC Feb 29
Vessel is to be lightered as much as it takes to refloat her. Meanwhile, salvors pacth the holes, it is said that vessel suffered at least eight holes, a number of fore compartments flooded. It is understood, that no hold was breached, though it’s not confirmed. Vessel struck the embankment of the Canal because of steering failure. Canal authorities said traffic more or less returned to normal, delays are minimal if any.
Capesize NEW KATERINA grounding in Suez Canal: UPDATE 1540 UTC Feb 27
Capesize NEW KATERINA is still aground, there are talks about partial offloading of the vessel, which sounds like quite an undertaking, considering the size of the ship. Meanwhile, repairs are under way, too. Salvors are wielding hole or holes, in order to make hull waterproof again, and pump out water from flooded compartments.
Capesize NEW KATERINA grounding in Suez Canal: UPDATE 1630 UTC Feb 26
Vessel still aground, salvage under way. As it can be seen on photo, NEW KATERINA developed a heavy forward trim. Unconfirmed report said vessel suffered a 12-meter breach when collided with Canal embankment. Traffic in Canal is one-way only.
Capesize NEW KATERINA aground with water ingress in Suez Canal, traffic stopped: UPDATE
Feb. 25, 2016
As of 0730 UTC Feb 26, NEW KATERINA is still aground, meanwhile Suez Canal is working one-way. No new information on NEW KATERINA present condition. Vessel is in load, reportedly it’s iron ore.
Bulk carrier NEW KATERINA ran aground in Suez Canal at around 1400 LT Feb 25 while transiting in southern direction, and suffered a hole in fore part, reportedly with massive water ingress. It is not clear yet what happened, but according to locals, vessel was intentionally grounded to avoid worse development. Canal reportedly is closed for traffic in both directions. Vessel is en route from Yuzhniy Ukraine to Qingdao China, meaning NEW KATERINA is in load.

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