Hanjin Green Earth fire update May 9

Hanjin Green Earth started moving at around 1500 UTC May 8, heading for Algeciras, Spain. Salvage operation therefore, may be considered as completed. Salvors supposedly made sure no smoldering remnants were left, and disposed of dangerous materials, making vessel safe for calling the port. The scale of damages remains unknown, the only news reporting damages mentioned some 60 destroyed or damaged containers.
One of the problems of major fire accidents on board of ultra large container ships, is public ignorance of the situation, because such an ignorance suits all the involved parties with exception of cargo owners and public itself. Liner company wants to keep it all secret for obvious reasons. Authorities of ports and countries involved are not eager to provide a full media coverage, too. They fear probable public panic and generally, negative reaction, protests and demands, if the truth comes out. All the more so because they don’t know for sure themselves, they can’t asses all the risks because it is nearly impossible, at least in the beginning. Nobody knows, actually, what may be the result of major fire on board of ultra large boxship: will it be taken under control, restricted and then, extinguished, or will it spread further on and engulf all or most of the vessel? Will it result in a big explosion or number of explosions, with massive emission of hazardous gases or materials? Major fire on board of an ultra large boxship is like walking a minefield, nobody can’t be sure in even the character of cargoes kept in containers: do they correspond to those declared, or are they something else, something dangerous declared as safe in order to save on freight?
Voytenko Mikhail

Previous news:

Hanjin Green Earth fire update May 7
As of May 7, there are absolutely no news and updates on vessel’s condition and situation in general, either in media or on Hanjin website. Meanwhile, track shows, that the pattern remains the same with three salvage vessels being engaged in whatever is taking place now, one alongside and two nearby. Boxship herself is drifting or moving around, staying in the same designated area, off anchorage and shipping routes to and from Port Said. Presumably fire, at least open, is out, and salvors are dealing with the consequences, which are unknown.
Hanjin Green Earth fire update May 5
There are no latest official updates on situation on board of Hanjin Green Earth. It is understood, though, the firefighting is still on. Unconfirmed report said some 60 containers were destroyed or damaged. As of 1200 UTC May 5 vessel was in the same position in the same area north of Port Said, drifting outside anchorage and routes. At least three salvage vessel are nearby all the time, one or two alongside, and one or two standing by. Below is latest available photo of firefighting.
Hanjin Green Earth fire update May 4
According to latest available reports, fire on board of mega-boxship Hanjin Green Earth is still on, some five vessels, tugs and salvage ships, are fighting fire in turns. Expectedly, the main problem is the access to burning or smoldering containers, considering the risks of contamination and explosions, which may occur or already took place. No news on the crew – reportedly they’re all safe, but it is not known, if they’re still on board or were, at least partially, evacuated. Vessel is in the same position, drifting or moving north of Port Said. Not surprisingly, information is rather scarce – a regular pattern in media coverage of container ships major fire accidents.
Hanjin Green Earth fire update May 3
May 3, 2015
Fire is still on, at least 50 containers damaged or destroyed, at least 4 salvage vessels and tugs, and Egyptian Navy resources, are involved in firefighting. Reportedly fire spread to containers loaded with inflammable goods. Hanjin Green Earth is still drifting or slowly moving around.
Hanjin Green Earth fire update
As of morning May 2 condition of Hanjin Green Earth fire unknown, vessel at 0500 UTC May 2 was in the same area moving around at dead ahead speed, with at lest two salvage vessels nearby. On a photo Hanjin Green Earth in Port Said anchorage area with fire fighting tugs at her side, on video vessel under way in canal after fire started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wthmTzL9HjY
First news:
Deck containers on fire on board of mega boxship Hanjin Green Earth, Port Said
Fire erupted on board of mega-bosxhip Hanjin Green Earth on May 1 at around 0230 LT while vessel was transiting Suez Canal in northern direction. Fire was contained with Suez Canal emergency service assistance, vessel completed passage and is now (1500 UTC May 1) drifting off Port Said anchorage area, with two tugs nearby, probably still fighting fire. Vessel is en route to Europe from Far East, last port of call before Suez transit was Jeddah. Reportedly deck containers caught fire.

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