Mediterranean migrants disaster farce

April 22, 2015 at 06:18 by Mikhail Voytenko in Opinion

One can’t read news these days because most news are difficult to find in a thick forest of news and articles describing Mediterranean migrants disaster. Not surprisingly, the unlucky merchant vessel King Jacob, which was the first to approach suicidal overloaded boat, is now blamed by the UN for boat’s capsizing. No good deed goes unpunished.
Let us look at the migrants, crossing Med in hundreds every day. Are they all Syrians and Libyans fleeting civil unrest? No. A lot of them, maybe most of them, are citizens of other African States, down to Nigeria. We don’t have migrants nationalities statistics of course, supposedly because such statistics are inconvenient for the UN, UN refugee agency, Save the Children agency and a bunch of the likes of them. But judging from photos, and some news which mention nationalities, a lot of them are not Syrians or Libyans. It means one simple thing – people from half of Africa found a new door or gate to try to migrate to lands better than their own. They don’t flee war or hunger, they flee from their motherland because they want to live better, because they want to get their share of infidel EU prosperity. It’s a different story from the stories professional, highly paid do-gooders tell us, isn’t it?
Who are these migrants? Are they babies who can’t see danger? Don’t they understand, that the trip on overloaded, hardly keeping afloat boat, is suicidal? They risk their own lives, and lives of their children, on their free will, nobody is duping or enforcing them into paying passage money and boarding deathboats. They can’t but understand, see with their own eyes, the dangers. Yet they take the risk.
Situation is crystal clear. Libyan unrest beget lawless territories along the coastline, ideal for human trafficking. Business is flourishing. Rumors spread around Africa like a wildfire. Hundreds of thousands of those who want to live off the wealth and prosperity they didn’t create, left their homes in a quest for promised land.
What may be done to stop this madness, is also clear. EU should establish migrant camps in Northern Africa, or at worst, on some island, and collect all migrants there. A sea blockade is to be enforced along the coastline, to intercept migrant boats, and take them and their passengers to migrant camps. After disembarking migrants, all such boats and vessels should be destroyed or immobilized by other means.
There is little hope the EU would dare to undertake such actions. Rescue of the migrants is quickly turning into a very lucrative business, UN agencies are happy to make every effort to save and rescue, providing they’ll get the funds. Politicians are walking thin ice trying to find most suitable for their careers view on the matter.
A total stranger to all that, shipping, is suffering most, by unwilling involvement in migrant rescue. Vessels and owners face the risks of infections, mutinies, hijacks and prosecution, plus guaranteed financial losses, and as a bonus, accusations of being too careless while rescuing hundreds of people. According to a spokeswoman for the United Nations refugee agency, Carlotta Sami logic, merchant vessels are to quit their dirty materialistic business of transporting the goods (which accidentally, feed and warm and dress Sami and the likes), and fully indulge themselves in rescuing migrants, carefully enough not to cause boats capsizing.
There is only one way of reacting to migrant outbreak, left for shipping – to take all possible precautions to avoid migrant boats and involvement in rescue operations.
All those who are not blinded by do-good blabbing, understand, with frustrating clarity, that the UN and politicians pseudo-humanitarian intentions and actions, aimed at radical increase in rescue scale, will lead to more deaths and more tragedies. But that’s the way it works – more tragedies will bring more funds and more power.
Voytenko Mikhail
Apr 22

Mediterranean migrants disaster farce

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