​Weekly Shipping Risks Report Week 7

My new series, the "Weekly Shipping Risks Report" on FleetMon, will provide the shipping industry with a concise report and assessment of prevailing risks and current incidents, with special focus on High Risk Areas. Your feedback and contribution is welcome! Please use the commenting function below, or contact me directly at vmd@odin.tc -- Mikhail Voytenko

Piracy Incidents:

Product tanker Burgan reportedly attacked in Gulf of Aden

Product tanker Burgan was attacked by pirates while under way in western direction in Gulf of Aden at around 2100 LT Feb 8, reported operator of the vessel, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company. Vessel was approached by 4 boats, who were scared off by team of armed guards on board. Indian Navy was also mentioned in the report as involved in thwarting attack, no details given. There are not enough details or proofs in the report to determine whether it was an attack, or suspicious approach. In the morning Feb 10 vessel was approaching Djibouti. Tanker arrived to to Horizon Terminal port in Djibouti from the Kuwaiti Al-Ahmadi port with 40303 tons of aviation fuel on board.

Product tanker Burgan, IMO 9656022, dwt 46330, built 2014, flag Kuwait, manager Kuwait Oil Tanker Company.

IMB reports:

* - the news already published, found in other sources. It’s interesting to compare IMB news and news from other sources.

10.02.2015: 2214 LT: Nam Hai Container Terminal, Haiphong, Vietnam.

During routine rounds, deck watchman, onboard a berthed container ship noticed two robbers near the forward store. He alerted the Chief officer and the local police onboard the vessel. Seeing the watchman the robbers escaped. Upon investigation ship’s stores were found missing. The Police personnel onboard the ship refused to take any action. Agent and port authorities notified.



Several distress signals sent by migrant boats in the Mediterranean sea mainly off Libya coast. At least two cargo vessels were involved in rescue operations.

Weekly Risk Assessment:

Gulf of Aden (GOA):

The recent accident involving Kuwait tanker Burgan is kind of doubtful. Was it an attack, or was it suspicious approach? It looks more like a suspicious approach, than actual attack. One consideration must be kept in mind while assessing piracy risk in GOA – if pirates are still existing, they’d surely hijack some vessels during all those already years of quietness. There are many vessels which cross GOA without guards on board, with low freeboard and low speed, just by random approaches testing vessel’s defence pirates would surely find easy unprotected prey. But there’s nothing – no hijacked vessels, no undisputed attacks with fire and attempts to board the vessel. Hence the conclusions to be made.

Gulf of Guinea (GOG):

Some details of the attack of a crude oil tanker Kalamos in Nigerian waters, which hit all the major media top headlines, were revealed in Guardian Global Resources publication http://ggrwestafrica.com/2015/02/09/a-brief-look-at-west-african-piracy/#more-351

It may be assumed from GGR publication, that the vessel was already loaded, though all other sources say tanker was in ballast, awaiting the loading. GGR said, that the vessel arrived from Singapore loaded with crude oil, which sounds real strange, because Nigeria is the country known for its’ export of crude oil, not import.

Citing from GGR publication:

The KALAMOS, which had departed from Singapore on 31 January 2015 before transiting toward Nigeria to unload, had crude oil, and not refined oil products / fuel, on board. This suggests that the assailants responsible for the assault purposely targeted the vessel in order to kidnap individuals on board and acquire hefty ransom payments, rather than assault the tanker as a means to steal fuel and resell it on the black market. (Indeed, the price of oil worldwide has dropped significantly, meaning that the risk of orchestrating a vessel hijacking for the purpose of stealing oil-related cargo may outweigh the potential financial rewards).

Another assumption of GGR, regarding pirates aims, is also doubtful. The problem is, crude oil tankers don’t usually carry oil products, it’s a different story and totally different area of oil transportation. Such details may seem to be too petty for “a multi services company with a global reach”, so let’s drop it as insignificant. But the assumption that the oil products cargo steal doesn’t pay off anymore is too bold one to be seriously taken.

The question of how pirates board the tanker with such high freeboard, remains unanswered, though it’s very important for the safety of other vessels in GOG. The presence on board of two armed military personnel of NIMASA is very interesting, too. GGR said that the vessel was detained due to some non-payment issues, hence the armed personnel on board, to keep vessel under detention. Well, can’t it be so then, that the whole incident was orchestrated by those parties or party in Nigeria, who’re trying to get the payment? It’s a very likely event, at least it may happen (and happens every now and then) in Russia, which in many ways is a Nigeria twin.



The European Union (EU) must establish a full-scale search-and-rescue operation to avoid more tragedies involving migrants in the Mediterranean, the United Nations' chief refugee official said on Feb 12. “There can be no doubt left after this week's events that Europe's Operation Triton is a woefully inadequate replacement for Italy's Mare Nostrum,” Guterres said in a statement.

This UN demand will surely lead to a rise in number of migrants trying to reach Europe. UN may as well offer EU to establish ferry links and thus avoid any casualties. UN wants a full-scale rescue operation – meaning all migrants must be rescued, but that’s absolutely crazy. UN actually is saying to migrants and traffickers – go ahead, sail to Europe, and when you get into trouble, the EU rescuers and cargo vessels will save you. The UN is demanding most risky for migrants, and most costly for EU economies, way to deal with migrants, or to be more exact, the UN is demanding a passage to be established, to transfer illegal migrants to Europe.

The only way to stop migrants disasters is to turn all the boats back to where they sailed from, and to return those who reached European shores back to their States. As soon as migrants and traffickers will get the message, they’ll give up, and the tragedies will stop. The EU operations in Med must be a defence, not a rescue. As such, those operations will stop the tragedies. But being rescue, EU operations are initiating the tragedies.

Weekly Accidents:

Bulk carrier Birch 5

Bulk carrier Birch 5 on Feb 14 suffered a hull breach 12x11 cm above the waterline while mooring to buoys off Giali, Gyali island, Greece, eastern Aegean sea.

Bulk carrier Birch 5, IMO 9125786, dwt 26045, built 1997, flag HK, manager BIRCH SHIPPING LTD, HK.

f/v Antarctic Chieftain under tow of icebreaker Polar Star, Antarctic

14 February 2015

The United States Coast Guard icebreaker CG Polar Star is now towing the Australian-flagged fishing vessel Antarctic Chieftain to open water in Antarctica.

The Polar Star made its way through icy waters and reached the Antarctic Chieftain earlier this morning (Saturday). After breaking the ice around the Antarctic Chieftain, the crew of the Polar Star deployed an ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) to assess the extent of the propeller damage and whether the Antarctic Chieftain was capable of making way through the ice under its own power.

RCCNZ Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator Conrad Reynecke said the ROV was able to ascertain the extent of the damage.

“The blades were assessed as too badly damaged for the vessel to be able to use them for propulsion from the ice field. The crew on the Polar Star then rigged up tow lines and began to tow the Antarctic Chieftain to open water. They are making slow, but steady progress and are currently approximately 60 nautical miles from clear water in the North,” Mr Reynecke said.

First news:

Fishing vessel Antarctic Chieftain trapped in ice with damaged propeller, Antarctic

Fishing vessel Antarctic Chieftain requested assistance on Feb 11, reporting being trapped in ice with damaged propeller in the Antarctic waters, approximately 900 nautical miles (1,700km) from McMurdo Sound. The Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) is coordinating rescue operation, United States Coastguard icebreaker CG Polar Star is currently approximately 340 nautical miles (630km) to the west of the Antarctic Chieftain and is likely to reach the area late on on Feb 13 or early on Feb 14.

Manager of RCCNZ and Safety Services Mike Hill said the vessel’s hull was not damaged, and the crew of 27 was not at risk. There has been no spill of oil or environmental event.

“There is clear water around the vessel, so the hull is not being squeezed by the ice, but a combination of an unexpected build-up of ice floes 2-3m thick and damage to the propeller means it cannot get back to the open sea without assistance,” Mr Hill said.

Fishing vessel Antarctic Chieftain, IMO 9262833, gt 1148, built 2002, flag Australia, owner Australian Longline Pty. Last known AIS position dated Feb 11 1100 UTC at 62 53S 126 37W.

The US Coast Guard said its icebreaker Polar Star was heading to the scene. It said a Sealord vessel out of Nelson, the toothfisher Janas, was also heading to the area.

Ferry Mont St. Michel lost power in English Channel

Ferry Mont St. Michel lost power at around 0100 UTC Feb 13 en route from Portsmouth to Caen in English Channel. Three Serco tugs from the Portsmouth were sent to assist. Ferry restored power 3 hours later, and at 0400 resumed trip to France.

Ferry Mont St. Michel, IMO 9238337, gt 35586, built 2002, flag France.

Passenger –ro-ro vessel Tourist Ferry Boat Primo refloated

Passenger –ro-ro vessel Tourist Ferry Boat Primo ran aground on the beach of Casamicciola, Ischia island, southwest of Naples, Tyrrhenian sea, on Feb 9. Vessel was refloated on Feb 13 and is to be towed to one of Italy’s mainland ports for survey and repairs.

Passenger –ro-ro vessel Tourist Ferry Boat Primo, IMO 8841371, gt 820, built 1968, flag Italy.

f/v Kha Yang aground, salvage under way

Malaysian fishing vessel Kha Yang ran aground on the reefs of St. Brandon atoll, 230 nm north of Port Louis, Mauritius, Indian ocean, on Feb 1. Vessel is still aground, on Feb 14 salvors started to pump out some 25 tons of fuel on board of Kha Yang. No spill reported, Comarco Salvage Company is contracted to refloat the vessel and tow her to Mauritius.

Fishing vessel Kha Yang, MMSI 533333000, flag Malaysia.

m/v Volga-4052 fire

General cargo vessel Volga-4052 suffered fire on board on Feb 12, vessel is docked in Zonguldak, Turkey, Black sea, no other details available.

General cargo vessel Volga-4052, IMO 8728490, dwt 6261, built 1989, flag S-Kitts, manager ALBROS SHIPPING & TRADING LTD, Turkey.

Ever Smart vs. Alexandra 1

Container ship Ever Smart and crude oil tanker Alexandra 1 reportedly collided on Feb 12 on Jebel Ali road, Dubai. Both vessels were under way and collided, or contacted, during maneuvering. Both suffered slight damages, according to the report.

Container ship Ever Smart, IMO 9300403, dwt 78716, capacity 7024 TEU, built 2006, flag UK, manager EVERGREEN MARINE UK LTD.

Crude oil tanker Alexandra 1, IMO 9127148, dwt 153044, built 1997, flag Marshall Islands, manager ISHIPS MANAGEMENT PTE LTD, Singapore.

General cargo vessel Mikhail Dudin breakdown, Kiel Canal

General cargo vessel Mikhail Dudin on Feb 11 suffered engine failure while approaching Kiel Canal lock in Holtenau, en route from S-Petersburg to Hamburg. Vessel managed to avoid allision with lock’s constructions, and was towed to Kiel road. After crew fixed the problem, vessel resumed voyaged. Reportedly vessel was loaded with 54 containers with unspecified nuclear materials.

General cargo vessel Mikhail Dudin, IMO 9057329, dwt 3030, built 1996, flag Belize, manager ASPOL-BALTIC CORP LTD, S-Petersburg.

Bulk carrier Adfines North grounding

Bulk carrier Adfines North ran aground early in the morning Feb 11 while approaching port Paracas, south of Lima, Peru. Vessel was refloated with the help of tugs between 0000 – 0100 LT Feb 12, and anchored in Paracas Bay for survey and investigation. No spill reported. On a photo from local media grounded Adfines North.

Bulk carrier Adfines North, IMO 9621869, dwt 36941, built 2012, flag Malta, manager ABC MARITIME AG, Switzerland.

FPSO Cidade De Sao Mateus explosion

FPSO Cidade De Sao Mateus suffered explosion and fire at around 1250 LT Feb 11, vessel is situated off the coast of Espírito Santo, Aracruz State, north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 3 workers died in an explosion, 6 went missing, 10 were injured, 8 of them hospitalized with 1 in critical condition. There were 74 people on board, all were evacuated. Fire was quickly extinguished, no spill reported.


The FPSO, owned by Norway-listed ship leaser BW Offshore Ltd , also processes natural gas that is sent to shore by undersea pipeline. The platform produces about 2.25 million cubic meters (88.3 million cubic feet) a day of natural gas and 350 cubic meters (2,200 barrels) a day of oil, according to ANP.

While the platform accounts for less than 3 percent of gas production at Petrobras, and less than 1 percent of oil output, it comes as the company struggles through its worst crisis in history.

FPSO Cidade De Sao Mateus, IMO 8706014, dwt 276736, built 1989, flag Panama, manager PROSAFE PRODUCTION SERVICES, Singapore.

Bulk carrier Goodfaith grounding update

According to latest Greek Coast Guard press-release, all 22 crew of grounded bulk carrier Goodfaith were evacuated, 18 were airlifted by helicopters and 4 managed to get to the land from the vessel. Already 3 tugs are on the scene, but they can’t proceed with refloating until weather improves. No spill yet, no information on vessel’s damages.

First news:

Bulk carrier Goodfaith aground, water ingress, evacuation hampered by a storm

Bulk carrier Goodfaith ran aground in a stormy weather on the northern coast of Andros island, Greece, Aegean sea, shortly after midnight Feb 11, while ballasting from Eleusis, Greece, to Odessa, Ukraine. Master reported water ingress and asked for evacuation. Crew is 22, CG ships and rescuers are heading for the accident site, fearing the weather will hamper salvage and if required, crew rescue. Helicopters weren’t able to reach distressed vessel due to near-gale strength wind.

Bulk carrier Goodfaith, IMO 9076404, dwt 27308, built 1994, flag Cyprus, manager STARMARINE MANAGEMENT INC., Greece.

Oil platform SEDCO 709 in trouble, Yellow sea

Oil platform SEDCO 709 tilted while under tow to dismantling site in Zhoushan in Shandong province waters, Yellow sea, on Feb 10. Towage suspended, Shanghai Maritime Safety Agency is coordinating the salvage. Platform is unmanned with all mechanisms inoperable, reportedly there is no risk of pollution.

Oil platform SEDCO 709, IMO 8755170, length 89 meters, width 74 meters, weight 14000 tons.

Bulk carrier Singapore Bulker aground, Cameroon

Bulk carrier Singapore Bulker ran aground on Feb 11 in Douala Channel, Bight of Biafra, approaching Duala, Cameroon. Vessel obviously stranded off fairway, but the cause is unknown. At 0500 UTC Feb 12 vessel was still aground, some 4-5 nm off Douala. Vessel arrived to Cameroon from Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Bulk carrier Singapore Bulker, IMO 9599901, dwt 56719, built 2012, flag Singapore, manager SOON FONG SHIPPING PTE LTD, Singapore.

General cargo vessel Delphina towed to port after breakdown

General cargo vessel Delphina suffered engine failure and started to drift towards coastline of Abu Qir, northeast of Alexandria, Egypt, on Feb 11. Vessel was some 2.5 nm off the coast, and requested assistance to avoid grounding. Naval ship or tug was dispatched, and towed Delphina back to port. At 0500 UTC Feb 12 vessel was docked in Abu Qir. According to AIS, vessel arrived to Abu Qir on Feb 10, it can be assumed then, that at the time of an accident she was either anchored on road, or leaving the port.

General cargo vessel Delphina, IMO 8881072, dwt 3256, built 1965, flag Moldova, manager ALPHAMATE COMMODITY GMBH, Germany.

Container ship Balthasar Schulte troubled off Beirut

Container ship Balthasar Schulte suffered an unidentified kind of trouble in the morning Feb 9 in Mediterranean sea and was disabled some 95 nm west of Haifa, en route to Beirut. Some hours later vessel resumed sailing, at 0400 UTC Feb 12 she was off Beirut marked by AIS with “restricted manoeuvrability”. There’s an unconfirmed report that vessel suffered collision on Feb 10.

Container ship Balthasar Schulte, IMO 9477610, dwt 49856, capacity 4250 TEU, built 2012, flag Liberia, manager REEDEREI THOMAS SCHULTE GMBH.

f/v Ming Fu Tsai on fire, abandoned and drifting, Philippine sea

71-ton fishing vessel Ming Fu Tsai on fire, abandoned and adrift, last known position Feb 9 1800 UTC 25 29N 135 06E, 380 nm east of Okinawa, Philippine sea.

General cargo vessel Ibrahim Bey aground, Chioggia, Venice

General cargo vessel Ibrahim Bey ran aground at the entrance of Choiggia port, Venice area, on Feb 9, while leaving the port. Several attempts to refloat vessel with the help of tugs failed. At 0500 UTC Feb 11 vessel was still aground.

General cargo vessel Ibrahim Bey, IMO 7916997, dwt 7868, built 1987, flag Panama, manager MCD SHIPPING SA, Turkey.

Ferry Melina II limping to shelter

Ferry Melina II with 7 crew on board was disabled in Sea of Crete west of Folegandros island on Feb 10 due to engine failure. At 0500 UTC Feb 11 vessel was some 5 nm west of western coast of Folegandros island, sailing in eastern direction at 4 knots speed, either on tow, or escorted by, offshore tug Med Fos (IMO 7617797).

Passenger ro-ro (landing craft) vessel Melina II, IMO 8841577, gt 649, built 1980, flag Greece.

Haci Arif Kaptan vs. Elpida, Greece

General cargo vessel Haci Arif Kaptan while maneuvering in St. Nicolas port, Greece, lost control and allided with berthed general cargo vessel Elpida, damaging Elpida’s starboard. Haci Arif Kaptan reportedly didn’t suffer damages, no spill.

General cargo vessel Haci Arif Kaptan, IMO 8214889, dwt 13286, built 1983, flag Turkey, manager KALKAVAN OGULLARI GEMICILIK.

General cargo vessel Elpida, IMO 6523224, dwt 1050, built 1965, flag Greece.

Container ship CSAV Recife resumed voyage after breakdown

Container ship CSAV Recife suffered engine failure and started to drift on Feb 6 in Celtic sea due to fuel pump or pumps failure. Vessel was en route from Northern Europe to Central/South Americas. Problem was partially fixed, at a speed of some 6 knots vessel managed to get to Brest, arriving on Brest anchorage on Feb 8, with the escort of salvage tug Abeille Bourbon. Vessel fixed the pumps and resumed voyage, in the morning Feb 11 she was sailing in the Atlantic west of Azores, ETA Dominican Republic Feb 16.

Container ship CSAV Recife, IMO 9437050, dwt 65741, capacity 5303, built 2010, flag Liberia, manager BUSS H, Germany.

Passenger ro-ro vessel Aqua Hercules towed to Iskenderun

Passenger ro-ro vessel Aqua Hercules was towed to Iskenderun port, Turkey, Mediterranean, from anchorage, for the reason of safety. Vessel was anchored in Iskenderun Bay for some 20 months, being sold to unnamed new owners. There is a wage dispute between crew and new or old owners.

Passenger ro-ro vessel Aqua Hercules, IMO 7822861, gt 33163, built 1980, flag UK (?), vessel reported sold to unnamed buyer.

Tanker Nefterudovoz 21M detained, owner fined, Georgia

Tanker river-sea type Nefterudovoz 21M detained in Poti, Georgia, Black sea, for alleged pollution, owner fined $32,000, details and exact date of pollution/detention unknown. In the morning Feb 11 vessel was still under detention, docked in Poti port.

Tanker river-sea type Nefterudovoz 21M, IMO 7630282, dwt 3345, built 1976, flag Russia, manager MARSHALL SHIPPING CO JSC, Astrakhan.

Bulk carrier Elefsis Master died on board, in Table Bay

SAR National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) responded to a distress call from bulk carrier Elefsis in Table Bay, Cape Town, early in the morning Feb 9. Vessel requested an urgent medical assistance for ailing Filipino Master with breath problem. NSRI’s boat Spirit of Vodacom delivered a paramedic to Elefsis, but efforts to keep Master alive failed, he died. Vessel arrived to Cape Town from India.

Bulk carrier Elefsis, IMO 9118678, dwt 72873, built 1997, flag Malta, manager EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN MTME-LIE, Greece.

General cargo vessel Kelt towed to Delfzijl

General cargo vessel Kelt suffered engine failure and started to drift towards wind farm Riffgat, Borkum North sea, on the night Feb 8 – Feb 9. Drift was prevented by offshore wind farm service vessel Borkum until tugs from Delfzijl arrived, and towed Kelt to Delfzijl.

General cargo vessel Kelt, IMO 9489534, dwt 3750, built 2009, flag Netherlands, manager VAN DER VELDE COASTING.

General cargo vessel S Kuznetsov grounding

General cargo vessel S Kuznetsov grounded while leaving Arkhangelsk port at 1551 Moscow time Feb 7, due to steering failure. At 1837 Moscow time vessel was refloated with the help of icebreaker Kapitan Evdokimov, and anchored on Arkhangelsk road, no damages reported. On Feb 8 vessel was in Arkhangelsk, with 6400 tons of scrap on board.

General cargo vessel S Kuznetsov, IMO 9210359, dwt 7625, built 2001, flag Russia, manager NORTHERN SHIPPING CO, Arkhangel.

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