NSA issued recommendations on treating refugees, which are hard to follow

Refugee crisis situation in the Mediterranean Sea have not improved since the start of the year and in some respects have further deteriorated. The Norwegian Shipowners Association has now developed a set of guidelines to assist shipowners in dealing with this situation, with regards to Ebola risk.
If the rescued persons are from West Africa, or show signs of illness, then the Association would recommend that:
1.immediate contact be made with either the authority that ordered the rescue or the nearest state (likely to be Italy) where rescued persons may be disembarked
2.crew assist the boarding of persons in full protective clothing
3.crew limit interaction with the persons rescued
4.any interaction be conducted only by way of full protective clothing
5.the accommodation block is to be guarded and all access is to be prevented
6.all materials, clothing, blankets, cooking utensils, toilets and other items provided to the rescued persons may need to be incinerated or otherwise safely disposed of after disembarkation
7.vessel areas which the rescued persons used will need to be disinfected after disembarkation

Vessel, say, rescued some 200 migrants in Eastern Mediterranean, who departed from Libya shore.
Now, how the crew is to find out, who is who and what country he’s from?
How the crew is to find out, who’s ill and with what symptoms?
How to place them all to accommodation block, and where are blocks of such proportions on an average cargo vessel?
What is crew to do, if rescued refuse to be guarded and restricted in their movements around the vessel?
Voytenko Mikhail

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