Nigeria will have to release Myre Seadiver crew. Forecast.

April 7, 2013 at 11:16 by Mikhail Voytenko in Container Shipping

Myre Seadiver crew trial will commence in Nigeria on April 8, with lives of 15 seamen and guards being at stake, are they to perish in Nigerian prisons, or are they to return to their families. There are no doubts as to the nature of the court, the whole case is fabricated by firstly, Nigerian Navy, and later by the prosecution, who yielded to Navy’s forceful pressure.

Most probably, Nigeria will have to release them, because of several reasons – growing pressure from Russia; international protest and most of all, negative reaction from Lloyd Almighty. If Lloyd is displeased, it’s better to listen to common sense and od what you’re asked to do, especially when all you’re asked to do is justice. Lloyd’s Joint War Committee  may make the life of the country, which was stupid enough to make Lloyd angry, miserable indeed, by enforcing war risk premiums. Nigeria is dependant on a sea trade, both in exports and in imports. If freights are to soar, it will be a hard blow for country’s economy.

Nigerian institutions, be they army or police, or navy, or whatever else, live and act all by themselves, like feuds. Everybody is for his own profit, and god is left to watch for the rest. If Nigerian Navy is the mightiest institution in Nigerian State, then maybe, Myre Seadiver crew is doomed. If other institutions have more power, they’ll curb the Navy and compel it to retreat. The Russian crew will be either released with something like suspended sentence, or just as a token of a good will towards friendly State of Russia – with this or that diplomatic crap, simply in order to save the face.

Voytenko Mikhail

April 7 13

Myre Seadiver story http://www.news.odin.tc/index.php?page=view/article/248/Moran-Security-Group-slated-Nigeria-in-Myre-Seadiver-case

  Nigeria will have to release Myre Seadiver crew. Forecast.

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