A mess of arms-vessels-syria-piracy-iran-security-egypt-ukraine-us-uk-ak47-russia

April 6, 2013 at 23:24 by Mikhail Voytenko in Accidents

it’s impossible to understand, who is detained in Egypt, for what and with what

There is a mystery under way with regards to the vessel or vessels, detained by Egypt Navy and taken to Safaga port, Red sea, with large quantity of arms on board. Most media write about Togo-flagged ship laden with big quantity of AK rifles and sniper rifles, plus ammunition. Egypt Navy brass revealed in Facebook the name of the vessel, it’s a former pollution control vessel Com R. But a number of regional media believe the vessel to be Iranian fishing vessel Sawit 1. Maybe there are two vessels detained, after all? Nobody knows for sure, including it appears, Egypt authorities.

Some media say there are some 62,000 firearms found, some measure captured arms in tons, saying that there are some 40 tons of arms and ammo were captured. Some are speaking about AK and rifles only, some believe there are RPG and even missiles.

Some media say vessel or vessels sailed from Eilat, Israel. Some don’t know what to say and therefore, say nothing about ports of departure and destination. Some say the arms were to be delivered to African countries. Some say that presumably, arms were to be used by private security on board of merchant ships passing piracy-infested waters of Indian ocean.  Some media guess the vessel is carrying Iranian arms destined for Syria (it seems that nowadays any vessel with any arms on board is doomed to call Syria).

Some say there are at least 7 people on board, some give an exact number, which is either 14 or 10. Some say crew consists of Ukrainians, Britons and Americans, while others figured there are 1 Russian, 6 Ukrainians, 2 Americans and 1 Greek. Make your bets, gentlemen.

In that arms-vessels-syria-piracy-iran-security-egypt-ukraine-us-uk-ak47-russia mess it’s impossible to understand, who is detained, for what and with what. But media are plain happy, enjoying themselves and being free to exploit their fantasies, thanks to the lack of facts and to the Egypt Navy, nearly as mysterious as Egypt pyramids.

No data found, as may be well expected, on an Iranian f/v Sawit 1, but as for m/v Com R, there are not many secrets about this one. It’s a former State-owned Dutch pollution control vessel, which most probably, was bought by a private security agency to be exploited as a security ship either in Indian ocean, or in Gulf of Guinea. Vessel has never been to Eilat or Iran. Com R sailed from Rotterdam, Netherlands, and reached Red Sea via Suez, calling on the way to Suez Gibraltar and Malta. It may be assumed, that the ship carries a lot of ammunition purposed for leasing it to private armed guards teams, and the number of firearms may be then, surprisingly high. Full weight of AK-74 with ammo is some 6 kilo, if the vessel is loaded with sixty thousand something rifles, plus ammo, plus alleged RPG and god knows what else, then the cargo weight is to be well in excess of 400 tons, not 40 tons. Most probably, Com R as a security and arsenal ship carries dozens, maybe even hundreds of arms, but not 60 thousand. If the vessel is actually loaded with alleged quantity of arms, then the vessel is involved in shipment of arms, legal or not.

There may be another vessel, that mysterious Sawit whatever, laden with thousands of arms, but it’s just a wild guess. Sawit something may be presumed to be loaded with intercontinental ballistic missile ready for takeoff, it will be as good guess as any other.

Former pollution control vessel Com R, IMO 7735109, dwt 1320, built 1961, flag Togo, present owner/manager unknown.

Voytenko Mikhail

Apr 7 13

  A mess of arms-vessels-syria-piracy-iran-security-egypt-ukraine-us-uk-ak47-russia

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