German freighter Grietje, Italian mariners and Indian double standards

March 29, 2013 at 03:24 by Mikhail Voytenko in Container Shipping

m/v Grietje said to be released by Indian authorities on Mar 28 13, while the captain and second officer (some media say a second officer, some say chief officer) are to remain in India awaiting the result of the investigation. India found no sound proofs it was m/v Grietje that struck and sunk Indian fishing boat in the morning Mar 16. The main proof Indian authorities have by far, is the vessel itself, other 7-8 vessels which could ram fishing boat are out of reach. If the Grietje wouldn’t be bound for Chennai heading elsewhere, like other vessels suspect in collision, Indian authorities would be left with nothing at their hand, and nobody to blame except themselves, because Indian fishing boats became quite notorious for their lack of navigational equipment. Small boats made of fiberglass or wood, without lights or radar or anything to warn off big ships, recklessly plough the heavily trafficked lanes, and when shit hits the fan, there are Indian authorities always ready to punish foreign sailors and demand a compensation from the foreign ship owner.
By the way, what about Italian mariners who’re to be extradited to India? What about all that Indian indignation with the mariners shooting Indian fishermen, mistaken them for Somalia pirates? Why nobody gets indignant with Indian Navy, which in the way of fighting Somalia pirates sunk at least one fishing vessel, Thai in that case, with all hands, and went off without rescuing its’ crew? How about that? Navy gun-fired, and sunk, not a boat, but an ocean-going fishing vessel. Italian mariners shoot at suspicious fishing boat dangerously close to the vessel they were guarding. India doesn’t recognize its’ Navy sunk fishing vessels and harassed Yemeni fishermen, who’s been bitterly complaining on the behaviour of pointedly, Chinese, Indian and Russian Navies. Curiously, in that same year Indian Navy was awarded by IMO with the “For Bravery at Sea” Award. What a just world do we all live in, thanks to the authorities and politicians!
India very conveniently practices double standards, turning a blind eye to own deficiencies, but always ready to lash out at unprotected foreign seamen.
German media wrote the owner of the Grietje, German SAL Heavy Lift, is willing to pay some 40,000 euro compensation to the family of the fisherman who went missing in the accident, and some 4,500 euro to the owner of the hapless boat. Not as an admission of vessel’s guilt, but as a sign of a good will, media said. Well, it’s a sign of the state of Indian laws and authorities reside in, and a poorly disguised ransom paid for releasing of the vessel, whose guilt in the collision is highly doubtful.
Voytenko Mikhail
Mar 29 13

Full story: http://www.news.odin.tc/index.php?page=view/article/262/German-freighter-Grietje-Italian-mariners-and-Indian-double-standards

German freighter Grietje, Italian mariners and Indian double standards

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