Georgian authorities denied arrest of Turkish freighter Ayder

Georgian authorities denied the arrest of Turkish freighter Ayder, claiming the vessel called Poti port sheltering from rough weather. AIS shows vessel was in Poti for just about an hour, and then left, rather strange time period for sheltering. It’s very difficult to understand in there who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. Abkhazian authorities accused Georgia in vessel’s arrest, Georgia denied arrest, and what happened in reality, is anyone’s guess. Abkhazia is a breakaway republic, being initially part of Georgia and not recognized as independent State internationally. Georgia doesn’t like Abkhazia, Abkhazia isn’t infatuated with Georgia, either. Shipping is entangled in this mess, as Georgia prohibits vessels to call Abkhazia without special permission granted by Georgia. Vessels suspected in “illegal” entering Abkhazian waters are detained by Georgian authorities when they enter Georgian waters or call Georgian ports. It’s a headache for the regional ship owners.

First news:

Turkish freighter, probably Ayder, arrested by Georgian authorities, Black sea

Russian media reported the arrest of Turkish cargo vessel named Aydar, claiming vessel was arrested in international waters by Georgian Coast Guard. Vessel was en route from breakaway Georgian republic Abkhazia, which wasn’t recognized internationally, except Russia and probably, Venezuela. Georgian authorities arrest each vessel when they could, if they find that the vessel called Abkhazian ports. Vessel was arrested at night Mar 20 13 and taken to Poti, Georgia. Crew is 9, including 5 Azerbaijan nationalities, 2 Russia and 2 Ukraine. Vessel is said to be loaded with cargo of fishmeal and fish oil. There is no Turkish freighter under the name Aydar in the area, most probably, the name was misspelled. A Turkish freighter Ayder meets the description of the accident. Ayder’s last AIS signal was dated Mar 6, with Sochi named as next port of call. Most probably, vessel’s AIS was switched off to throw off track Georgian authorities, who’re monitoring all vessels calling Abkhazian waters.


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