Lyubov Orlova, woman at her best

Feb. 26, 2013 at 04:26 by Mikhail Voytenko in Accidents

Unsinkable passenger vessel Lyubov Orlova heading for Europe, all on her own.

Passengers vessel Lyubov Orlova last known position at 18:14 UTC Feb 24 13 was in 52 01N 035 43W. Vessel drifted some 700 nautical miles from St. John’s, Canada, in NE direction towards North Europe. Unsinkable Lyubov Orlova is heading for Europe, all on her own. Vessel is hardly posing any threat to shipping, less than small icebergs anyway, because she is easily spotted by radars and visually in good weather. Strange or not, but Lyubov Orlova is quite a topic in Canada, with a lot of attention drawn to Transport Canada, which permitted the 60-year old port tug to tow Lyubov Orlova through winter Northern Atlantic. Marine Consultant Mr. John C. McCarthy kidnly informed me, that:

“The Orlova was a mess in St. John's Harbor for over 2 ans one half years - Transport Canada allowed the Tug Charlene Hunt to tow it out hoping it would be gone forever and not occupying extremely expensive dockage space in St. John's Harbor”.

Orlova drove the authorities crazy, and as a Russian man with quite an experience in this respect, I can only witness, that Russian women are exceptionally skilful in driving men crazy, be the women live or impersonated in vessels’ names.

Voytenko Mikhail

Feb 26

Map and full story at http://www.news.odin.tc/index.php?page=view/article/160/Lyubov-Orlova-woman-at-her-best

  Lyubov Orlova, woman at her best

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