Mutiny on board of PSV Harmony 1, Dubai

The crew of Harmony 1 contacted Maritime Bulletin and described situation in detail. Crew also asked MB to publish a letter addressed to the shipowner. 15 crew consists of 1 Georgian, 5 Filipinos, 5 Indians, 1 Russian and 3 Ukrainians. According to crew’s report, vessel is in good order, crew carries out watch and maintenance in accordance with regulations and sea practice, PSC inspection on Aug 25 didn’t find any deficiencies.
Crew rejected to take vessel out from port as ordered by owner, that’s the only disobedience they committed. If it may be called a mutiny, then that’s what it is. Crew was advised not to leave the berth by port authorities, who’re obviously supporting the crew in its’ fight for unpaid wages and fulfillment of all obligations towards them according to their contracts. Authorities said they won’t be able to help crew once the vessel leaves UAE waters.
Crew called the owner a liar after reading owner’s letter published in MB yesterday. Seafarers specifically expressed that term – owner is a liar. Seafarers ask for their own according to contracts, no more, but sternly no less. Yes, the owner offered them immediate settlement of outstanding wages for 2 months, which would leave unpaid June and July wages. It’s not what people want. They want immediate settlement of all outstanding wages for 4 months, and repatriation, because their contracts already run out. They don’t want to work for this company any more.

A letter from the crew addressed to an owner:
Dear Mr. Krishna.
Why we are fighting for our salary with you? Please stop playing around, hoping how to fool us. Just pay us our money, and pay flights to our homes according to contracts. And then go on with your business, but without us.
We wasted too much time assisting you while you’ve been experiencing bad times, we fulfilled all our obligations, but we can’t do it anymore, not because of wages delays only, but because of your general attitude towards us, too. We find your treating us as disrespectful and intolerably arrogant.
Crew of AHTS Harmony-1

P.S. I from my side, advise the owner to fulfill his obligations in full and part with mutinous crew for good, otherwise the owner risks encountering serious problems and real bad publicity, because now I HAVE to send all relevant materials to Georgian, Indian, Philippines, Russian and Ukrainian media.
Voytenko Mikhail
Aug 26 13

The Story:

Offshore tug supply vessel Harmony 1 stuck in Dubai since end of May, crew which includes Filipino, Russian and Ukrainian nationalities isn’t paid for already 4 months. Owner and manager of the vessel, Singapore-based Regulus Ship Services, repeatedly says to the crew that the vessel is to be sold soon, all wage debts are to be paid in full after the sale. Company says it doesn’t have funds to repatriate the crew. ITF was called and asked for help, but no answer received so far.

The Management of the PSV Harmony 7 made a following statement:
The Management had a meeting with crew on board on 24th August 2013 where they were promised immediate settlement of outstanding wages for 2 months, which would leave arrears for June and July. However, the crew refused and wanted immediate settlement of all wages and repatriation forthwith.
Crew are on Articles and cannot be asking for immediate payment of all wages and repatriation home. They have refused to operate the vessel which is against international safety standards - for safety of crew, vessel and port. The crew Unions should intervene and ask crew to act rationally instead of spreading rumors. The vessel management is willing to cooperate with any Authorities.
The Management

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