Baltic Ace death toll

The Baltic Ace was carrying some 1,400 Mitsubishi cars. The 24 crew included 11 Polish (including Captain), Bulgarian, Filipino and Ukrainian nationalities. 13 were rescued, among them 6 Polish nationalities including Captain. All survivors are expected to fully recover.
5 dead bodies were recovered so far, 6 remain missing with no hope of being alive, considering the circumstances. Dutch police identified the five victims whose bodies have been found as two Poles, aged 47 and 50; two Filipinos aged 30 and 51; and a 47-year-old Ukrainian.
The 4th engineer, 28-years old Polish nationality, was rescued by vessel operated by Harren & Partner Ship Management GmbH:
 “Our vessel was on alert immediately after receiving collision information, being close to the collision position. Additional lookouts were put on bridge and forecastle, bosun who was on the lookout on forecastle heard the shouts, our vessel picked up a Baltic Ace survivor, 4th engineer, 28 years old Polish” – wrote to Maritime Bulletin Mr. Goncharov of Harren & Partner.
Letters from people who wrote to Maritime Bulletin sharing the info they know:
Dear Voytenko,
Baltic Ace shipwreck: Dutch coastguards call off search
The Polish embassy in the Netherlands has said that 11 of the 24 crew were from Poland. Six of them, including the captain, have been rescued. The rest of the crew came from the Philippines, Ukraine and Bulgaria.
Best regards
Volker Helmers
Annette-Kolb-Str. 18
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Stuart wrote:
Hi having worked on the Corvus j on Monday don't know how many crew but they were Romanian, philipeano, and a polish captain.
Mr. Kiryazov worked on Baltic Ace some 3 months ago:
hello ,my name is Todor Kiryazov and i was abord Baltic ace 3 month ago . the nationality of the crew as you ask is mostly polish oficers as ,from the engine departmant is polish and ukraine (some time bulgarian too) and other workars on deck are from filipins ,and there was onboard also one bulgarian cadet.
Mr. Vassilev:
As per local media one of the rescued is a Bulgarian national, rank cadet. This was reportedly the only Bulgarian  
Kind regards,
Marine and Cargo Surveyor

On photos Corvus J after the collision, the direction of bulb dent confirmed the collision reconstruction:
Animated reconstruction of Corvus J vs Baltic Ace collision
Web site VesselFinder made an animated reconstruction of the collision between Corvus J and Baltic Ace based on AIS positions. The short clip presents a clear picture of what happened.
Corvus J didn’t give way to Baltic Ace as she should in accordance with The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and kept on her course. Baltic Ace was too late with her action to avoid the collision. Corvus J with her bulbous bow ripped the car-carrier open like a tin can. Car-carries with their huge cargo decks need not much time in case of deck flooding, to get unstable and capsize.
Voytenko Mikhail
Thanks to all who sent to MB the information they had.
Maritime Bulletin

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