Captain Maslennikov stands by his innocence, with some changes for the better

Nov. 25, 2012 at 12:09 by Mikhail Voytenko in General
Captain Maslennikov was on the verge of committing suicide, but luckily, his wife managed to make a trip to Spain and visit him in October, thanks mainly to the Campaign and public attention the Campaign received in Ukraine. Good Samaritans helped Captain’s wife with documents and money. Still, Captain is going on with refusing any other way out of prison except recognizing him and his crew innocent of the crime they were charged with, after new investigation and court. Captain seems to be made from steel. Thanks to the Campaign which didn’t go unnoticed in Spain, too, Captain was transferred to a better Module in a prison, sometime soon he’ll be permitted some short leaves from the prison, and in a year hopefully, he’ll be released to reside in Spain under police control. It’s better than nothing, though Campaign failed in the main undertaking, in initiating a new investigation. Campaign is still on until the story is over, Captain sent a letter to Maritime Bulletin, thanking all those who helped his wife and him, who signed and will yet sign the Petition. When we feel ourselves down and miserable, let’s remember the Captain who’s in much worse situation after his own choice, his own will, just because he feels himself to be unjustly sentenced and he’s standing for justice, by whatever the cost. See full story and Petition at http://www.odin.tc/spain/ Voytenko Mikhail Nov 25 2012 Captain Maslennikov stands by his innocence, with some changes for the better

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