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FleetMon is a valuable tool for professionals from the maritime businesses as well as for individuals, ship spotters and enthusiasts. Discover the main features and services.

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Public Vessel Database

Hundreds of thousands of vessels are waiting to be discovered in the FleetMon Vessel Database. Use advanced filters or search ships by name, IMO or MMSI number using the quick search. Inform yourself about the current vessel position and future schedule and get an insight into historical voyage information. Extensive vessel data is available for all users on the Vessel Detail Page.

FleetMon Vessel Database

Extensive Port Database

Look up the scheduled arrivals for the port of Hong Kong, check the current traffic situation in Lisbon and find out about the ships that visited Hamburg in the last 3 months. The FleetMon Port Database provides you with comprehensive listings and map views, as well as information about local weather and port facilities for thousands of ports worldwide.

FleetMon Port Database

Your personal traffic viewer

FleetMon Explorer is your gateway to live ship traffic all around the world. Monitor vessel maneuvers in real-time without reloading. Access traffic density and port occupancy. Integrated weather and sea state information, different map layers and vessel track visualization in a powerful and smooth display are your ideal tool for operations monitoring.

FleetMon Explorer

Global coverage with Satellite AIS

FleetMon's Unlimited Sat accounts bring the movements of 80’000 vessels all around the globe within your reach. Follow any ship to the open sea and benefit from superior data quality: all FleetMon research tools, such as the voyage log, port call history or schedule are fully satellite-enabled and provide now a complete and consistent picture of a vessel’s current voyage, past activities and next destination.

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Unlimited coverage with Satellite AIS

Satellite Position update on demand

Look beyond the reception ranges of shore-based AIS receiver stations with the help of satellite AIS data. With a simple click you can retrieve a fresh position update for your ship of interest, precisely when you want it. No need to subscribe to a full satellite AIS feed - you decide yourself how little or how much satellite AIS data is required.

Simply pull the satellite position update directly on the vessel's detail page.

Satellite Position Update with one single click

Vessel tracking to go

FleetMon Mobile is your ideal companion when being out in the field. The app runs on any smartphone and will allow you to monitor live maritime traffic in thousands of ports and regions worldwide. Access the FleetMon Vessel and Port Database and look up valuable vessel information, historic data and schedules from wherever you are. And of course you can manage and keep track of your personal fleet.

FleetMon Mobile
FleetMon Mobile for Android smartphones and tablets

Follow the flow of goods

The FleetMon Trading Database provides you with professional insight into the shipment of agricultural commodities as well as Jet fuel. Find detailed records for historic shipments,fresh information for commodities that are underway and pre-planned cargoes. The trading database includes map view, detailed cargo information, statistics and covers hundreds of commodities and ports worldwide.

Agricultural Commodity Trading Database
Agricultural Trading Database filtered by commodity and loading port

Marine Companies at a glance

The FleetMon Business Register connects companies from the global maritime market with providers, buyers, ships and ports. Search for a service by category as well as location, or direcly check the registered companies on the port detail pages. If you want to represent your own company and products to the maritime community of FleetMon, register it within a minute and fully free of charge.

Maritime Business Register
Business register with filters for service category and location

Global maritime news

Several reporters provide you with daily news and information from the maritime world in the FleetMon news section. Read about new technologies, developments in the shipping and tourism sector and find out about recent incidents, casualties and piracy. You can even join the FleetMon reporter team and benefit from an Unlimited account.

Maritime News
Maritime news section with preview of articles

AIS data for your own projects

FleetMon provides an API Suite that enable software developers to integrate live vessel data and voyage related information into your own applications and databases. Receive constant position updates for your complete My Fleet list at once, or pull current and historic tracking information for any vessel of your interest whenever you need it. Retrieving machine-readable data for your own projects was never that easy and quick! By the way, if none of the FleetMon APIs meets with your requirements, feel free to get in touch with our Sales Team to discuss a bespoke API or customized data service.

FleetMon API
Data sample returned by the My Fleet API

My Fleet

Your personal fleet management tool

Using the My Fleet service you will avoid spending time on repeated vessel searches, while you benefit from a convenient fleet overview and fleet position map. Your personal fleet is of course synchronized with FleetMon Mobile and FleetMon Explorer, so you can monitor and manage your fleet wherever you are.

My Fleet

Compile your personal fleet

You want to keep track of Irish fisher boats, your favorite tall ships, or the vessels of your customer? The My Fleet is your ideal tool to stay up to date about all ships of your interest. Just click the star icon on top of a vessel's detail page and the ship will be added to your personal fleet.

My Fleet view with map and tags

Organize your fleet further

Stay on top of things while your My Fleet grows: Create and assign your individual tags to divide your own ships from the vessels of your competitor, to sort your fleet by area of operation, or mark those that need further attention. Of course, you can assign multiple tags to one ship and several ships to the same tag. Publish your tags to allow easy exchange of information with partners or colleagues.

Add vessels to your fleet and organize them by tags

Daily fleet reports by e-mail

You can always check the freshest information available for your fleet at FleetMon, but you have to leave your desk eventually. To keep track of your ships' whereabouts set up your daily My Fleet Report, delivering the most recent update directly to your e-mail inbox. Read it on your mobile phone in the morning to be up-to-date when arriving at work or print it out to have a concise overview when being in the field.

Daily My Fleet e-mail report

Download your My Fleet Data for your own projects

You may want to filter and assess information about your My Fleet further, integrate the tracking data into your own applications or simply store it for later research. Just use the My Fleet API to export valuable vessel and voyage information in several different data formats. Retrieving machine-readable AIS tracking data is available with just a few easy clicks!

My Alerts

FleetMon Alerting

Professional Vessel Event Notification and Alerting Tool

Stay up to date with event notifications relevant to your day-to-day operations. Receive FleetMon notifications via Email or SMS text message on important events such as port arrivals, vessel departures, changes in ETA, and changes in a vessels course, speed or destination.

My Alerts
FleetMon Alerting Overview

Receive Vessel Events on all your Devices

By selecting the type of alert that you wish to receive you can be kept up to date on any activity, even when you are away from your desk. You may choose from getting notified on vessel positions, changes in the vessel's status or even events happening in the ports you are interested in. Notifications can be sent to your email address or via SMS text message to your mobile device while your working outside the office or on call in the port. With just a few clicks, all alerts are easily edited directly through your FleetMon account.

FleetMon Alerting Create Alert

Public Vessel Database

Vessel database with advanced filters

Dive into the FleetMon Vessel Database

Vessel data for more than 390.000 ships is available for you at a glance. Browse the database by flag, vessel dimension or category to get insight into certain fleets, and search specific ships by current or former name. For fine-grained analyses of fleet sizes, capacities or geographical distribution combine powerful filters such as deadweight and specific ship type.

FleetMon Vessel Database
Port Detail Page

Download vessel data Reports

The FleetMon Vessel Database provides you with basic vessel data and position information for your own analyses and integration into your database or software. Simply filter for the vessels of your interest and download the search results as an Excel report for further assessment and processing. The service is based on credit points and thus equally available for all users. Data that might be scrambled in the web view will be fully decoded in the generated report.

Download vessel data report

Vessel and voyage data at a glance

Visit a vessel's detail page to get deep insight into vessel specifics and tracking data and to browse through the available photos of the ship. Current vessel position and voyage status as well as vessel's past track can be easily assessed in maps. Comprehensive lists provide you with a long-term port call history and the future destinations of the ship. An extensive datasheet contains all available vessel details and can be updated directly by you with the most recent information.

Port Detail Page

Extensive Port Database

Discover the FleetMon Port Database

The FleetMon Port Database is your source for specific port information from over 5000 ports all around the globe. Here you can look up local weather conditions for your port of interest and browse through the ships that will arrive within the next days. Use the quick search and browse port by name or LOCODE, or visit the FleetMon Port Database and select your port of interest from the list of the corresponding country.

FleetMon Port Database

Basic Port Data at a glance

The detail page of a port provides you with useful information about local water depths, the berthing capacities as well as weather conditions and forecast. Related maritime news, nearby ports and the local companies are conveniently linked. Add your business to the FleetMon Business Register to advertise your services on the port detail page as well!

Local weather and port information

Analyze the traffic in ports

FleetMon's port detail pages provide you with comprehensive lists of the vessels moored in the port and a map view for immediate assessment of the traffic situation. Additional tables give insight into the future vessel arrivals as well as ships that visited the port in the past. Powerful filters allow you to compile individual port call reports which can be downloaded for further analyses.

Scheduled arrivals for a specific port and time frame

Enable AIS coverage for your port

Live vessel traffic maps and reliable port call tables require AIS coverage in the port of your interest. If you would like to enable live operations monitoring in your port and the waters around please get in touch with us. We would be pleased to help you with the necessary hardware and know how to set up a small AIS receiver. Read more about your benefits of becoming a FleetMon AIS partner.

Become AIS Partner
Enable full AIs coverage for your port with the help of FleetMon

FleetMon Explorer

Your real-time vessel traffic monitor

FleetMon Explorer is your dedicated software to monitor live maritime traffic in thousands of ports and waterways worldwide. Access it from the website, your smartphone or download it to your desktop and enjoy advanced fleet tracking and operations surveillance. The FleetMon desktop app has been designed to run on large screens and is thus ideal for presentations or monitoring purposes.

Get FleetMon Explorer

Monitor live operations

Zoom down into ports and waterways and watch vessels moving in real time. Every single position update is displayed immediately in FleetMon Explorer, no delay, no manual reload required: This makes it the ideal tool for operations monitoring, nautical supervision or traffic surveillance in ports. Vessel dimensions are of course converted and displayed in direct proportions to each other and the surroundings.

Container vessel assisted by several tugs when un-mooring

Traffic Density

Visualize local and global shipping lanes. Determine exact traffic areas in port and at sea. Filter vessel routes by vessel and signal type.

Available with the FleetMon Unlimited Sat 15/50 Plan.
FleetMon Traffic Density

Review past vessel tracks

Click on any vessel and FleetMon loads and displays its past track since the last event. Hover the mouse pointer over the little arrows to look up intermediate times and speed. It's never been easier.

Vessel track in FleetMon Explorer

Save your favorite views

FleetMon Explorer can save your favorite views in the Viewport Toolbar. 8 slots can be configured by you - put Hamburg on 1, Panama on 2, Singapore on 3... and enjoy fast and easy change between your favorite views. Press "Shift" key and click a number to save the current view and activate the presentation mode to let FleetMon Explorer slide through your viewports automatically.

FleetMon Explorer with several Viewports

Fleet monitoring and favorite vessels

The My Fleet view in FleetMon Explorer is synchronized with FleetMon Mobile and your My Fleet on the website and gives you quick access and position overview for your favorite vessels. You can manage your fleet directly via FleetMon Explorer by clicking the star symbol in the vessel detail box. Activate the fleet presentation mode and enjoy automatic slides through your vessel's location and tracks, ideal for entrance halls or control rooms.

Vessel detail box with star symbol

Different map types

FleetMon Explorer already comes with several different map types. Just move your mouse pointer to the earth symbol in the upper right corner, and you'll have the choice between different detail maps, satellite imagery or a hybrid view. Additional electronic inland navigation charts are available for all users, official ECDIS charts with global coverage can be purchased as an add-on.

Different map layers in FleetMon Explorer, including ECDIS charts

Ship Photo Gallery

The ship photos can be resized to your liking by dragging their lower right corner. When your mouse pointer is positioned over the ship photo, the white arrows allow you to browse through the different photos available for this ship.

Browse vessel photos through FleetMon Explorer

API Services

Data and services out of the box for your own projects

With the FleetMon APIs, software developers can connect their own application easily to FleetMon's vessel information and live position data, enabling them to build own solutions as well as integrate with existing IT systems and logistics solutions. Start creating great software using data from FleetMon now!

FleetMon API

My Fleet API

Your individual My Fleet list is not locked in at FleetMon. Use the My Fleet API to export latest position reports, vessel data and voyage related information for the vessels in your My Fleet list. Get started with an Open account immediately and upgrade to one of the professional plans when you need position updates at a higher frequency and for a larger fleet.

Generic API

The Generic Vessel API provides direct programming access to 100'000s of vessels from the FleetMon Vessel Database, including AIS positions, detailed ship types, port call history, destination and estimated time of arrival. Vessels can be looked up fully automatically by their IMO and MMSI registration numbers, or by name.

Vessel URL API

The Vessel URL API lets you look up vessels from the FleetMon Vessel Database and returns the URL of the corresponding vessel detail page. This way you can easily point the users of your software to the detailed vessel information available on FleetMon.com. Search by IMO number, MMSI number and vessel name is supported.


The Port URL API lets you look up port in the FleetMon Port Database and returns the URL of the appropriate port detail page. This way you can easily point the users of your software to the detailed port information available on FleetMon.com. Search by port name, port LOCODE and country is supported.

Weather and sea state API

Weather and Sea State API delivers current weather and sea state data for any given coordinate (laitude/longitude). Emphasis is on data useful for marine applications; response data fields include wind speed and direction as well as wave height, period and direction.

Satellite AIS

FleetMon Satellite AIS for boundless tracking

Whether for fleet monitoring, logistics, brokering or research: FleetMon’s new space-based services erase the boundaries of shore-based AIS antenna networks, bringing the vessel traffic of over 80.000 vessels all around the globe within your reach.

Satellite AIS Product Page

Satellite positions on demand

Get an up-to-date vessel position report captured by satellites for ships moving beyond standard AIS tracking ranges. Based on FleetMon Credit Points the service is fully independent from any basic service subscriptions or long-term commitments. You yourself decide when and how often a satellite position is required.

Position updates via satellite AIS on demand

Satellite AIS for global coverage

Current positions, up-to-date voyage information and gapless track records for the global merchant fleet are now available for you. FleetMon's seamless combination of standard AIS tracking with space-born tracking data will always provide you with the best information that's out there, allowing you to keep track of your freight, monitor your fleet or to analyze trading patterns in a quality never known before.

Boundless vessel tracks captured by satellite AIS

Enhanced trading databases with Satellite AIS

Get an enriched insight into the trading of agricultural goods and jet fuel by enabling satellite tracking for your account. The FleetMon Trading Databases will allow you to follow the flow of goods even closer than before, by providing you with exact and continuous position reports for the goods underway.

Trading Database combined with satellite AIS tracking data

Partner and Customer

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