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Historical ETA Reports

Get the historical reports of the ETA, the last port call as well as destination information for a single vessel.

About this API

To learn from the past is a key for your success in the future. Benefit from the storage of ETA reports by FleetMon for ships in the vessel database. The API provides you with a unique examining and researching service to ensure the future success of your business.

Requested with an IMO number, the API returns valuable data on past ETA reports in XML or JSON format. The reports deliver the ETA and information about the last portcall as well as destination information for a single vessel going back 180 days. Additionally specified with the LOCODEs of selected destinations, the API calculates the ETA for the port. You have the ability to compare variables like the actual time of arrivals (ATA) and actual time of departures (ATD) with the estimated time of arrival and other information relevant to tracking past vessel movements.

This API has a variety of beneficial applications that can add a new dimension to your business. By analyzing the reliability or accuracy of a vessel's ETA reports with the information provided by this API, you gain an advantage for predicting future ETAs more precisely as well as compile and assess statistical information for analyzing your business and the effectivity your delivery chains. By correlating the historical ETA values, you can also identify when and where there were delays in the past, see how and when there were changes in the ETA and correlate these findings with your data on your business.

Check out our documentation to see the details of a request, and a sample response to see what you get with this API.

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Whether you want to know how to perform a request or what attributes you can look for, we have a more detailed page for you to read.

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