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We deliver Vessel Traffic Analyses for maritime areas

Traffic in the Baltic Sea - 30 day ship traffic example

Example: Ship Traffic in the Baltic Sea: 30 days

Maritime traffic analysis for regional planning with AIS and GIS software

Example: Maritime traffic analysis for regional planning with AIS and GIS software, seacharts

Example: Global vessel traffic route visualization combining satellite AIS and terrestrial AIS records

Long-term vessel position and track data from our AIS records is available both for terrestrial and satellite AIS.

Our datasets are suitable for: surveys, statistical analyses and simulations, and provide invaluable information for construction planning, risk assessment or collision/casualty replay for insurance cases.

We deliver complete analyses, georeferenced images, shapefiles for GIS software, Microsoft Excel, CSV, raw data or any other format you might need.

Criteria available for statistical evaluation comprise (but are not limited to)

  • geographical area of interest and time frame of interest
  • ships by vessel type (passenger, cargo, tanker, tug, pilot, law enforcement, ...)
  • details on cargo type
  • ships by flag
  • destination and course
  • velocities (speed over ground)
  • dimensions (width, length, draught)
  • date/time of port arrival and sailing
  • vessel voyage/itinerary history

What can we do for you?

Vessel position data via API, XML data for vessel tracking, raw streams

We supply world-wide vessel position data for integration into your existing software systems and logistics solutions. Any format suitable for your application such as XML, CSV, JSON and so on, can be made available via powerful web service interfaces (API). The Public API is available to every subscriber of Special requirements and large-scale projects are accomodated with flexible Customer APIs.

Developer API: data, right now, out of the box

With the FleetMon Developer API, software developers get a powerful tool to connect their own software to the Vessel Database. The FleetMon API lets you develop great software apps that are able to display live ship positions and data, port calls, weather conditions, ports and much more.

The API is available to every subscribed member of Access is personalized and authenticated through a personal API key. Head on to the Developer API page for available functions and detailed instructions.

Most of the API calls are provided free of charge or are included in the standard memebership plans. Some functions are billed using Credit Points in a pay-per-use scheme, which lets you start any project without risk while letting your software grow easily with demand.

Customer API: Real-time vessel data for your application

Customer APIs leverage the extensive resources of the FleetMon Vessel Database and the FleetMon AIS receiver stations network for your application and let you benefit from our sophisticated algorithms to get cleaned and value-added data. Our experienced staff is able to address a broad range of data formats and will make sure that your customized API integrates well with your existing software. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Our Customer APIs seamlessly integrate satellite AIS data.

Example: Marine traffic and vessel positions in XML format, updated every 15 minutes

FleetMon Vessel Tracking API XML sample

Raw NMEA streams for special uses

Special scenarios in offshore businesses, authorities and military may require raw NMEA feeds of AIS ship position data. FleetMon is able to deliver raw feeds with a latency as low as one second for marine areas of your interest. Please contact us to discuss your case. Note: Such feeds are useful only with appropriate real-time software. If you are not bound to using specific software, FleetMon Explorer may just be the real-time tool that you are looking for. In many applications, an update rate of several minutes is more than sufficient. Then, an XML API data service as described above is the tool of choice. It frees your software from all the heavy lifting that does behind the scenes, and lets you benefit from its extensive resources, beyond pure AIS information.

FleetMon Vessel Tracking Products

FleetMon Unlimited
FleetMon Explorer - live AIS vessel tracking in your browser
FleetMon Mobile - vessel tracking App for iPhone and iPad
FleetMon Sat Tracker - follow your fleet worldwide - Advanced fleet monitoring for desktop and mobile access.