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Add your station to the FleetMon AIS network Unlimited

Enhance your business with your own AIS live traffic image. Whether you are in the maritime businesses, a port authority or a ship enthusiast: Become a FleetMon AIS Partner and enable reliable coverage of your port or area within and FleetMon Explorer, to enjoy a free Unlimited account and all further benefits!

Enjoy a free Unlimited account ...

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... and get part of the Fleetmon AIS receiver stations network and host a station for

Port Businesses

Agents, suppliers, tug operators: Becoming AIS Partner will enable reliable port call tables and live, up-to-date vessel traffic maps display for your port - invaluable tools for scheduling and operations monitoring.

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Represent your port or area on, enhance its visibility on the web and promote economy in your location. Facilitate trade by providing easily accessible vessel traffic information, help businesses act more efficiently.

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Always wanted to know what kind of ships call at your home town port or pass right before your living room window? If you can mount a short antenna on your home, then become AIS Partner and enjoy watching "your" ship traffic with FleetMon Explorer!

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Enjoy a free Unlimited account ...

... and get part of the Fleetmon AIS receiver stations network and host a station for We will be pleased to assist you in linking existing station equipment with our systems or provide you with the necessary hardware to establish a new station.

Obtain your own dedicated station hardware

Fleetmon AIS receiver stations are small automated VHF receivers that forward captured ship signals to our servers. They do not need much energy or Internet bandwidth and are nearly maintenance free: once deployed, they will run night and day.

If you are able to mount a small antenna (1m) and connect the receiver to power supply and a permanent Internet connection, you are good to go! Contact us today to get your own Fleetmon AIS receiver station!

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Sharing signals with existing equipment

It is easy to adjust your system to forward signals to our servers. Whether you are using software such as ShipPlotter, AIS Dispatcher or GNU AIS, just get in touch and we will assist and walk you through the process.

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Forwarding to other sites

If you desire, we will be happy to forward the signals from your station with other sites, thus contributing to a global community network.

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