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Ferry St. Thomas of Aquinas sank after collision with m/v Sulpicio Express 7, Philippines

Aug. 16, 2013 at 18:06 by Mikhail Voytenko in Accidents 457

Ferry St. Thomas of Aquinas collided with general cargo vessel Sulpicio Express Siete (7) at about 2100 LT Aug 16 13 off the coast of Cebu province, between ports of Talisay and Cordova. As of 17:00 UTC reports say ferry sank, three people found dead, some 690 rescued. According to the reports ferry’s manifest shows 692 people, passengers and crew, were on board. Earlier reports said hundreds were missing. Vessels collided in the dark, people were jumping overboard from sinking St. Thomas of Aquinas, and if latest reports are true and nearly all people were rescued, it is mainly thanks to the efforts of local fishermen and boaters, who rushed to the scene in dozens. Reportedly,Sulpicio Express Siete also took part in rescue. Ferry left Talisay bound for Manila. Sulpicio Express Siete was en route to Davao, or from Davao.

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