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MOL Comfort sank in Arabian sea

June 17, 2013 at 11:16 by Mikhail Voytenko in Accidents 624

Indian Coast Guard confirmed the sinking of MOL Comfort

Indian Coast Guard confirmed the sinking of MOL Comfort. Vessel broke in two and sank some 840 nautical miles west of Mumbai, three vessels - MV Hanjin Beijing, MV Zim India and MV Yantian Express, took part in rescue operation. Weather in the area is rough, with sea up to 6 meters. Reportedly, there were some 4,500 containers on board, sea in the area is scattered with drifting containers. 26 crew consisted of 14 Filipino and 12 Russian seamen. m/v Yantian Express was actually the vessel which rescued the crew from two life rafts and a lifeboat.

First news:

MOL Comfort broke in two and sank in Arabian sea

Reportedly container ship MOL Comfort broke in two and sank in Arabian sea on June 17 13. 26 crew rescued safe and sound. Vessel was en route from Far East to Northern Europe. Vessel was engaged on North Europe Express 1 Service, Far East – Northern Europe.

Next port of call was Jeddah, where the vessel was to arrive within the next 3 or 4 days. 

A crack in a hull developed due to presumably, sailing in rough seas, with resulting water ingress in one of the holds in midsection area. Emergency was reported at around 0700 LT. 26 crew was rescued by nearby vessels. News are still confused, some sources say vessel sank, some say it may be still afloat, but most probably, vessel sank.

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