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The Port of Dublin is a very small port in Ireland. See below for a live map of ship positions in Dublin, schedules for vessels arriving (port calls), the list of ships currently in port, a company register and a local weather forecast. Dublin's LOCODE is IEDUB.

Port information

2:02 a.m. (Europe/Dublin)
Shipments data available
Tanker Tracker
150 m
4.0 m
7.9 m
21.6 m
12.5 m

Local weather (24 hours forecast)

Temp: Wind:
31.07. 01:00 weather 02
12.5°C wind_flag_01 8.7 kn SW
31.07. 02:00 weather 03
12.4°C wind_flag_02 9.5 kn SW
31.07. 03:00 weather 03
11.6°C wind_flag_03 9.3 kn SW
31.07. 04:00 weather 03
11.1°C wind_flag_04 9.7 kn SW
31.07. 05:00 weather 03
11.2°C wind_flag_05 10.1 kn SW
31.07. 06:00 weather 03
12.4°C wind_flag_06 11.1 kn SW
31.07. 07:00 weather 03
14.0°C wind_flag_07 11.7 kn SW
31.07. 08:00 weather 03
15.5°C wind_flag_08 13.0 kn SW
31.07. 09:00 weather 40
16.7°C wind_flag_09 13.2 kn SW
31.07. 10:00 weather 46
17.6°C wind_flag_10 14.4 kn SW
31.07. 11:00 weather 09
18.2°C wind_flag_11 13.8 kn SW
31.07. 12:00 weather 46
18.4°C wind_flag_12 13.0 kn SW
31.07. 13:00 weather 46
17.6°C wind_flag_13 15.0 kn SW
31.07. 14:00 weather 40
17.2°C wind_flag_14 13.6 kn SW
31.07. 15:00 weather 40
17.0°C wind_flag_15 13.8 kn SW
31.07. 16:00 weather 03
16.3°C wind_flag_16 12.6 kn SW
31.07. 17:00 weather 03
16.5°C wind_flag_17 12.8 kn SW
31.07. 18:00 weather 03
16.3°C wind_flag_18 14.4 kn SW
31.07. 19:00 weather 03
15.6°C wind_flag_19 13.0 kn SW
31.07. 20:00 weather 03
14.9°C wind_flag_20 12.8 kn SW
31.07. 21:00 weather 01
14.0°C wind_flag_21 14.2 kn SW
31.07. 22:00 weather 01
13.3°C wind_flag_22 13.2 kn SW
31.07. 23:00 weather 01
12.7°C wind_flag_23 11.9 kn SW
01.08. 00:00 weather 01
12.0°C wind_flag_24 11.7 kn SW
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Currently FleetMon does not receive live AIS signals and cannot show present vessel traffic. Are you based in or near Dublin? See how you can help us improve live coverage.




The FleetMon Scheduled Arrivals shows a list of ships that are known to be calling to Dublin in the next days and weeks. The estimated time of arrival of the vessel, as announced by the ship crew via AIS, is given, and for some ships the estimated time of departure is displayed, too.

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The FleetMon Port Calls Log shows a list of ships that have been detected in Dublin by AIS and other sources. All ships are listed with actual time of arrival and actual time of departure. The list reaches back several months and can be easily searched by date, type of ship and name of the vessel.

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